First Words and Steps.

First of all, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. and that’s the point.

My goal is to find the easiest way to learn and when I learn, I want to make sure you learn too. Cosplay is for everyone, and everyone can! it’s about spirit and will.

A Year ago, I didn’t know anything about sewing. it was try and error for me. Sometimes it turned out, other times it didn’t. it’s just how it is.

Before you start using these as a tutorial, please note That I can’t help you whit everything. You need to do some homework yourself.

A common mistake I see when people try and follow tutorials is that they don’t look up stuff themselves.  I always thought it was common sense to check the instructions/Manual.

Whit that said, I don’t want to talk so much so let’s move on and keep it short… ish

 So, what can you expect appearing here?

I’m planning to update This As often as possible. some of the content may also get translated into Video formats if that’s the best for explaining AB.

  • Follow me in the process of making my cosplays.
  • Free basic Tutorials, both sewing, and crafting.
  • Basic Q&A with the most asked questions. hopefully, that will cut down on DM’s
  • (A list of coming And ongoing *whit a ~ % on prosses.)

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