About me

My Name Is Elisabeth, I’m a Cosplay Artist from Denmark and I’m making a living out of this.

What inspired me to do Cosplay was actually thru bullying. Just got into school and the other kids started to call me Harley Quinn Sines I was the kinda weird kid. If I look back at it today I’m not sure if it’s still unnecessary to do, or if the fact to have rough times.

To find reasons to keep on doing this ‘silly’ thing is absolutely not hard. For me kids are amazing! It’s always amazing to play white kids and see them light up.

It’s amazing to see people light up, that’s a reason why I started to ‘Cosplay’ every day. Well, many of my daily outfits are mostly just inspired or mixed up, but truly the magic is to finde a caracter you see yourself in, and think like this person.

I’m not crazy, I’m mental, and yet, it hassend killed someone”

This is a thing i tell myself and everyone who comment’s stupidly. listen yes may i be sick, bit that’s what makes me me, someone kids love, and someone who just tryes to be diffrent and make life fun and interresting!

All love dear Fellow!